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If you were born in the 80s, your parents were the last wave of baby boomers. They, along with everybody else, were embracing the future with the personal computer ... It was the decade of remarkable technology. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates became household names ... MTV broadcasted the first music video ... there was a home-video store in every neighborhood ... and Pac-Man, was the best selling arcade game of all time.

Ever wonder what life was really like the decade you were born? What were the most popular movies? How much did a gallon of gas cost? What technological innovations were developed? Who were the most notable public figures? Which political events occurred that shaped the nation? What news headlines forever changed history? These questions and more are revealed this delightful chronicle of fun and fascinating pop-culture highlights of the era. Prepare to go "back in the day..." with this nostalgic and entertaining series that captures the life and times in America during "The Decade You Were Born."

For more information on this fascinating DVD documentary series, please visit!

Title : The Decade You Were Born - 1980s (Promo)
Owner : Mill Creek Entertainment
Duration : 2:52
Viewed : 32,452
Liked : 129
Published : May 21, 2012
Quality :
Souce : YouTube

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