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I do not usually make videos that exploit people that our going through their most private desperate moments...I realize their are plenty of images and the stories available to us without me making a video that shows these folks going through such extreme grieving and shock...I am still not sure if it is the right thing to do...but, this disaster touched me in a way that makes me realize the human suffering that goes on around us everyday...not only in Haiti, but in our own communities and other countries...This disaster is of such magnitude that I felt compelled to express it somehow so I won't forget when it is no longer headline news...of the seriousness and reality of what these people are going through and what their future holds...When I look into their eyes I see us...we are all the same...

I am in awe of the folks who, with no reservations, go and give everything to be there for our fellow human beings...I have to stop and take a look inside at what is really important in my own walk on earth...I hope noone hears me complaining about anything for a very long time..and, if I do, I hope someone reminds me to get a life.

For me, it is aweinspiring and extremely encouraging to witness the resilience and tenacity of people when put through such a heartbreaking experience...if I do not learn from this there is something wrong with me. It is my hearts' desire to truly become more of asset to my own community, friends, and family...and, try to find a way to contribute to Haiti somehow.

Zenyatta Mondatta is the third album by The Police, released in 1980. Zenyatta Mondatta is also notable for containing the band's first lyrics ever referring to political events, with Sting's "Driven To Tears" commenting on poverty.

Sting has said the song was inspired by images of starving children he saw while watching television on tour. Sting performed "Driven to Tears" solo at the Live Aid concert to fight the Ethiopian famine in 1985 and with the reunited Police at the environmental-awareness festival Live Earth in 2007. At "Hope for Haiti," he was backed by the Roots, who acted as the house band for the event's New York performances.


How can you say that you're not responsible?
What does it have to do with me?
What is my reaction, what should it be?
Confronted by this latest atrocity
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Hide my face in my hands, shame wells in my throat
My comfortable existence is reduced to a shallow meaningless party
Seems that when some innocent die
All we can offer them is a page in a some magazine
Too many cameras and not enough food
'Cause this is what we've seen
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Protest is futile, nothing seems to get through
What's to become of our world, who knows what to do
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears
Driven to tears

Words and music by Sting

Sting, (born Gordon Matthew Sumner; 2 October 1951) is a British musician, activist, actor and philanthropist. Prior to starting his solo career, he was the principal songwriter, lead singer and bassist of the rock music band The Police. As a solo musician and member of The Police, Sting has received sixteen Grammy Awards for his work, receiving his first Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance in 1981, and receiving an Oscar nomination for best song. He is a member of both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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