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"Tears for Haiti" is composed and played by Cynthia Kendall

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"Tears for Haiti" was selected by the UN officials to accompany the video wall of images for the memorial that was held March 9, 2009 in New York at UN Headquarters. This memorial was for the 101 UN staff members who were killed in the earthquake.

The Haitian art featured in this video is a sampling of art being offered for sale by Vassar Haiti Project. Since 2002, they have raised money to support eduation and sustainability for the fillage of Chermaitre, located in the rural northwest of Haiti. Currently they are supporting the building of a seven-room primary school for this village.

To learn more about Vassar Haiti Project:

Sheet music and mp3 download available at

Thanks to Vassar Haiti Project for use of their artwork images.

Tears for Haiti Copyright 2010.

Title : Tears for Haiti
Owner : CKMusic5758
Duration : 4:35
Viewed : 1,548
Liked : 9
Published : Jan 22, 2010
Quality :
Souce : YouTube

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