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NASA just sent a robotic probe on a mission to Mars! Here’s what it’ll explore.

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How NASA Engineers Use Origami To Design Future Spacecraft

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Why Do We Care So Much About Mars? Johns Hopkins Scientist Explains
“Mars is a dynamic place. It's almost like visiting Egypt's pyramids. We know amazing things happened here once. But where did all the water go, and why is it now a dead planet? It's the only other planet in our solar system that had liquid water on its surface, yet something went wrong along the way that made the planet diverge pretty strongly from the Earth.”

If We Found Life on Mars, How Would We Know?
“Finding evidence for life on Mars has been a decades-long ambition for NASA, which has spent billions of dollars to send machines wheeling over, poking and probing the Red Planet. But once the signs of life are found, how are those findings verified?”

Seven Ways Mars InSight is Different
“NASA has a long and successful track record at Mars. Since 1965, it has flown by, orbited, landed and roved across the surface of the Red Planet. What can InSight -- planned for launch in May -- do that hasn’t been done before?”

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Title : NASA Just Launched a Mission to Mars to Dig Deep Inside the Planet’s Core
Owner : Seeker
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Published : May 5, 2018
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